Gravel Shooting and Stone Slinging Services

Gravel Shooters has the capability to deliver a wide variety of materials at high speeds. Materials include:

  • Dirt
  • Gravel
  • Mulch
  • Salt
  • Sand
  • Stone
  • Top soil
  • Woodchips
  • Rain garden mix
  • and more!

Residential and Commercial Applications

Stone Slinging Truck
  • Gravel installation for basements, garage fill, foundations, driveways, etc.
  • Crawl space sanding, filling, or radon-proofing.
  • Slab base material grading for commercial buildings.
  • Topsoil or compost spreading for landscaping and reclamation.
  • Landscaping rock and pebble installation onto weed matting.
  • Importing and installing material, then exporting waste dirt.
  • Soil Compaction
  • Landfill cell drainage layer installation.

Materials can be placed up to 60 feet from the back tires of the vehicle. Our stone slinger trucks are used for popular applications like filling basement floors, porches, and garages with rocks. We are however, not limited to those applications and service a wide range of residential and commercial projects. The possibilities are limitless.

If you have any questions about the material we work with, please give us call today, or contact us online.