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Fleet Specifications Chart

Gravel Shooters Fleet Specifications

Truck Vertical Reach Horizontal Reach Load Carrying Capacity Truck Length
Discharge Rate
Soil King Extreme 10' 85' 15-20 ton
(rock, soil, sand)
40' 2 ton per min
(rock only)
Bay-Lynx Multicat 10' 85' 15-20 ton
(rock, soil, sand)
40' 2 ton per min
(rock, sand or soil)

Soil King Extreme

The Soil King Extreme offers extreme versatility with an in cab “auto unload” feature and ability to unload as quick as a dump truck. Used for, gravel, sand, mulch and fill. Ideal for driveways, pools, topsoil, basement floor fill.

The spreader has a 30 yard capacity, wireless remote operation. Metering beam prevents bridging and regulates material flow. Ability to throw up to 100 feet from rear of truck.

Transport spreader loads with bed down. Offload with live bottom, where traditional dump trucks cannot.

The Soil King Extreme is built using Hardox 450 for a lighter, stronger and longer lasting solution, providing a unique combination of hardness and toughness.

Bay-Lynx Multicat

The Multicat is designed to move material – from dry sand to wet topsoil – straight from the source to the exact spot it’s needed with precision.

The interior load suspension beam breaks up clumps, bridges and even frozen chunks of material in your load. That means you can deliver and place stone, sand, aggregate, mulch, topsoil and much more, at any time of year.

Patented load beam allowing for precise metering of materials and the ability to break up bridging or frozen loads - meaning you can spread the greatest variety of materials. 21” 3 ply wide main conveyor belt allows for smooth control of materials onto throw belt and maximum off load speed.

The high-speed throw conveyor gives you maximum control, allowing you to place material exactly where it’s needed, even in narrow and hard-to-reach spaces.