About Gravel Shooters

Founded in St. Louis in 1996, Gravel Shooters has earned an enviable reputation for job site safety, efficiency, dependability, and economy in the performance of it's many construction services.

Having served as a subcontractor on virtually every type of commercial and residential development, Gravel Shooters, and our drivers are completely dedicated to safety. All of our drivers have completed at 10 hour OSHA training course.

Gravel Shooters is firmly committed to management techniques that achieve maximum cost effectiveness for our customers. With experienced drivers, Gravel Shooters consistently demonstrates its ability to complete quality projects efficiently and at competitive prices.

A combination of skilled craftsmen, innovative techniques, technology, and experienced management personnel have enabled Gravel Shooters to provide quality subcontract work for the Saint Louis market for over 20 years.

When quality and experience count, Gravel Shooters has the knowledge, skilled craftsmen, and the equipment capabilities to meet and exceed its customer's expectations. Quality and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of Gravel Shooters success.

Second Mile Service Company

Second Mile Service Companies

Gravel Shooters is a proud Second Mile Service Company. Second Mile Service is a family owned St. Louis business founded on the principal of going the extra mile for our neighbors, no matter what the service, circumstance, or situation. This starts with how we treat our team members, and extends to our customers.